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Destructive Aesthetic

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Destructive Aesthetic

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Rules: If it seems wrong it probably is. Behave yourselves! Plugging will be tolerated to a degree. I have the right to delete anything which I feel is excessive plugging or which has no link to the Manics.
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alienation, babes with poisoned lips, blackwood, born a girl, braindead motherfuckers, camouflage, communism, crossdressing, crucifix, cuba, culture sluts, cymru, dead flower, dead passive, democracy coma, depression, design for life, destructive asethetic, dunlop green flash, dysons, everything must go, eyeliner, fairy wings, featherboas, forever delayed, from despair to where, gasmasks, generation terrorists, glamour, glamour twins, glitter, gold against the soul, hibernation, james dean bradfield, jenny saville, judge yrself, kevin carter, knee high socks, know your enemy, leopard print, life becoming a landslide, lipstick traces, literature, little baby nothing, loneliness, lonely wreckage, loves swet exile, lyrics, manic street preachers, manics, mark farrow, masses against the classes, military uniform, miss europa disco dancer, missing, mitch ikeda, motown junk, msp, new art riot, nick jones, nicky wire, nobody loved you, of walking abortion, p.c.p, patrick bateman, patrick jones, paul robeson, plastic lullaby, quotations, rants, razorblade beat, removables, repeat, revol, revolution, ribena, richey edwards, richey james, riotstar, roses in the hospital, royal blue eyeshadow, scissor kicks, sean moore, she is suffering, slash 'n' burn, sleepflower, socialism, spangle, sparkle and believe, spinning guitar solos, spraypaint, starlover, stay beautiful, suicide alley, suicide babe, tattoos, the everlasting, the holy bible, this is my truth, tiaras, tsunami, us against you, useless generation, vodka, wales, wattsville blues, willem de kooning, you love us