WibblyWobbly Productions (wibblywobblypro) wrote in sparkle_believe,
WibblyWobbly Productions

Request For Fan Participation

We will be conducting shoots for No Manifesto, our Manic Street Preachers documentary, during the band's upcoming tour. We are still looking for questions to ask the band during a series of special fan-question-based interviews that are planned for shooting at the beginning of May. We encourage you to e-mail to WibblyWobblyProductions@yahoo.com any questions that you would like to ask band members individually, as well as ones that you would like to ask the band as a whole.

Feel free to be as concise or as wordy as you like, and ask as many questions as you want. We are looking for the widest possible variety of kinds of questions, from the serious to the frivolous. Anything from favourite songs to musical techniques to philosophical views to aesthetic tastes to stupid stories to recipes for compost to jokes to whatever you can think of. The creativity of the Manics's audience will be a crucial part of this interview, so do your worst! :)

Again, please e-mail questions to WibblyWobblyProductions@yahoo.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!
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